Imp-Overished Inc.

On to Phandalin

Wolves, Goblins and Klarg

After reaching Neverwinter and spending the day shopping and meeting interesting people the party was introduced via Ryld to a dwarf named Gundren. Gundren offered the party some gold to run some supplies to Phandalin for him, which the party accepted.

After Ryld spent the evening meeting and bonding with a large, grey, silent, yellow eyes wolf of no determined name the party set out and it was smooth sailing for a couple of days.

On the morning of the third day the party came across a goblin ambush, which was quickly dispatched, and a search of the area revealed that the subject of the original ambush was Gundren and his travelling companion, who were nowhere to be found.

The party followed a goblin track, easily avoiding a few traps, before arriving at a cave system. After dispatching a few goblins and wolves (and narrowly avoiding a large stream of water) the party came across a seemingly quiet cavern.

As usual, Jim, with a cry of ‘I rush in’, did exactly that and was quickly felled by a javelin and a number of arrows that seemingly came from nowhere.

The rest of the party did battle with Klarg the bugbear and his minions before looting the room and coming up with some interesting trinkets. After reviving Jim the party returned to an area that previously held a number of goblins and a bound man named Sildar Hallwinter that the party knew was travelling with Gundren.

Following a brief discussion the head goblin was assassinated by Vylyara. The goblin dropped Sildar from his high vantage point but some quick thinking by Thordrake saw him land on something soft. The rest of the party took the goblins to pieces before learning from Sildar the reasons for Gundrens journey and the possible location that he may have been taken following the ambush.

The party healed Sildar and together they made their way to Phandalin, where goods were dropped off and the party learned of the Redbrands (some local thugs) and a few other things before retiring for the evening, keen to find Gundren in the future.



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